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  3. User Interface
  4. Web Design
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From research to complex solutions for applications and web sites. Research, flows, layouts, prototypes.
From iOS to Android apps on any device. Or other softwares. Any kind of graphical user interface design.
From a one-page site to huge webshop designs, anything what is online. Full sites or only parts too.
If you need some idea or opinion. If you need a fresh eye's view on your ongoing project.



From research to complex UX solutions and testing for applications and web sites. Research, flows, layouts, prototypes.

Designing an outstanding User Experience may include a lot of steps, for example
  • Initial consultation about the purpose of the App/Software
  • Research (business goals, user goals, trends, design styles, market, competitors)
  • Redesign of old application or web site
  • Concepts
  • Flowcharts
  • Layouts and Wireframe Design
  • Prototyping (screenflow or animated)
  • Usability testing

I'm an Online Freelance Designer which means I'm available for hire and all the jobs can be done online.

After we agreed on the project (subject, price, timeframe, communication channels) I start working on it.

If you need a designer and you liked my work then please feel free to contact me at zakorp@gmail.com and I would be happy to work on your project!



I'm a User Interface (UI) Designer too which means I design the graphical surface of an application. It may be for iOS, Android, smartwatch, PC, Mac, kiosk or any other device or surface.

  • Consultation about the purpose of the App/Software
  • Research (design styles, trends)
  • Mobile app UI for iOS
  • Mobile app UI for Android
  • Smartwatch UI
  • Desktop PC UI for Windows or Mac (macOS)
  • Kiosk UI
  • Web site UI design
  • Custom designed UI elements
  • Graphic design: logos, icons, branding
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) Design
  • Redesign of old application or web site
  • Designing all the elements and items
  • Handover of the designs as the developer team wants them

I'm an Online Freelance Designer which means I'm available for hire and all the jobs can be done online.

After we agreed on the project (subject, price, timeframe, communication channels) I start working on it.

If you need a designer and you liked my work then please feel free to contact me at zakorp@gmail.com and I would be happy to work on your project!



Web sites became the primary marketing and information surface for almost everything. The appearance and usability of the site makes a strong impression in the user about the Company, Products or Services. My job is to design the graphical interface nice and feasible. Services:

  • New Web Site Design
  • Consultation
  • Research (design styles, trends, competition, market)
  • Web site Layout and Wireframe Design
  • Web Usability Design
  • Responsivity to make it flexible between different devices
  • Design of certain parts (header, buttons, etc)
  • Redesign of old web sites
  • Handover of the designs as the developers want them

I'm an Online Freelance Designer which means I'm available for hire and all the jobs can be done online. After we agreed on the project (subject, price, timeframe) I show previews on the progress and do changes based on the feedbacks until you are fully satisfied with the designs.
If you need a designer for Web Design and you liked my works in my portfolio then please feel free to contact me at zakorp@gmail.com or using my contact form and I would be happy to work on your project!



During a Creative Process you may find yourself stucked with an idea or design which is far from being good enough. In this case you may need a fresh eye of a professional who examine the project, points out the bad parts and gives new ways or ideas about the right solutions.
This professional can be me if you trust my competency. Let me know about your project by mail at zakorp@gmail.com or use the contact form and we will see what I can do!

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I'm Ziv Peter Zakor, and I work as a freelance UX/UI designer since 2009. I design mobile application and web sites most of the time, with some additional icons, logos or Corporate Identity.
98% of the projects are done online, communicating via email, chat or call/video.

I studied graphic design and visual communications at Ecole d'Art Maryse-Eloy from 2005 to 2009, in Budapest, Hungary. My main hobby was photography, i had a degree as a photographer at the Hungarian Photo Press Academy in 2003, but I turned to design at 2005 and since then that's what I do...:)

My first memory is a Brachiosaurus in a museum when I was four and I became very enthusiastic about dinosaurs. I have learnt to read before school to make myself able to know more about these creatures.
I wanted to be a Paleontologist until I was about 10 when I've got my first PC and I started programming it. I wanted to be a computer programmer until I was 19 when I had my first digital camera. I've spent years taking photos day by day and finished a one year full-time course in Photography, too.
Later I turned to design and attended a great design school for four years. Web site designs were my favorite and when smartphones started to spread they caught my attention.
In the summer breaks I have made some low-budget hitch-hiking tours around Europe to know my surroundings better and gain great experiences for a lifetime.
After school I moved to England for a year to test myself in an other country which I really enjoyed. I started to build my own Design Company there and working as a freelancer.
In my freetime I watch documentaries about science, space or peoples around the world, fly my home-built drone or go hiking with my friends. I make one bigger trip every year to gain new inspirations.

"Peter was great to work with. He helped us design the interface for our app in just a couple weeks due to our tight timeline. He was very responsive and very easy to work with. Also, his end product exceeded all of our expectations. I would highly recommend working with Peter in the future for anyone who wants a reasonably priced design job done."
- Andrew Young

"Ziv was a great find for us! He won a design contest for our iOS app, and since then he's worked on multiple products, including our flagship commercial software. He's my go-to design guy. Thanks Ziv!"
- Joe Jarvis, FinalDraft Inc.

"We've worked with Ziv as our main designer in building our app's UI. Ziv was very impressive in both quality of work and level of service. Always detail oriented and always very committed to his work. The most impressive part in Ziv's work was his ability to balance between the users' needs and the technological constraints and come up with a creative, useful and beautiful design. I would definitely work with Ziv in the future."
- Amir Hirsh, Founder and CEO, Sendoo

"Good job, prompt turnaround in response to feedback, thank you!"
- Tom Kerrigan

"I've worked with many designers before and ZivDesign is hands down the best. We've done multiple projects with him and he surpassed our expectations on every single project and on every single design. He comes up with better designs than we hoped for, made any changes we asked for, took our briefs and made them better. The handovers were smooth and fast and Ziv gave us everything we needed and more. This guy is real professional and a wise choice for anyone who is looking for a GREAT designer."
- Will Giles

"I was working on my own android project, and i decided to hire someone else to create a high quality design for me. Before collaborating with Peter i had no experience with contracting designers, so i was cautious and unsure about getting the results i was hoping for.
And now, when the task is completed, i can honestly say, that working with Peter was a great experience. The communication was very productive and at the same time relaxing and enjoyable. Before assigning Peter to create a desing for me, i already had a very clear vision, how i wanted the desing to be done.
Peter was very cooperative, he was very polite and responded quickly. He never forced his own insight. And i was surprised, how little time and few attempts he needed to create the desing that i was imagining. And, if that isn`t great enough, Peter also gave his own insight and ideas for making the desing better. I approved his ideas not because i was trusting him for knowing trends and design guidelines that i wasn`t aware of, but because i understood and liked his suggestions better than my initial ideas.
During the cooperation i felt, that i and the designer always found a solution, that we both agreed on. The design itself had everything i hoped for with a great attention to detail. And, what is important, Peter created a design, that not only looked good, but also covered all the requirements for android desing, which made the implementation of the design in my app a lot easier.
I recommend him to everyone."
- Juris Friedbergs

"I love the final effect of the design created by Ziv for my project, and can't wait to see the app developed and published. I really appreciated the time and effort put into multiple iterations to make the final outcome perfect, patience for working with my feedback and excellent responsiveness and communication!"
- Dariusz Kleczek

"Ziv is really professional and gives really helpful suggestions throughout the designing process. Is always willing to take the extra effort to achieve great final designs"
- Tarun from Mumbai

"Excellent Designer - great eye for design and responded quickly and efficiently. Exceed expectations, will use again."
- Jeremy J. Hughes

"To Whom it may concern: Mr Peter Ziv Zakor have managed to create a wonderful and elegant website for my law firm. His work is precise and meticulous, he was able to sense the required style which matched my concept. Peter have managed to perform the project within the set time frame. He mastered the graphics as well as the design part of the project to a very high level. Peter was able to give advises and lead the project according to my wishes, yet adhering to his high standards of web design. I am sure that Peter's work will be highly evaluated in his future projects."
- Edit Pinter, Attorney at law




Please feel free to contact me at zakorp@gmail.com or use the form below. I will answer within 24 hours!

Please tell me about your project idea. The more information you provide the better. Or just check in with a Hello, and we will talk about the details later!

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